Friday, December 3, 2010

Handmade Holidays

Wracking my brain to figure out a lovely and affordable handmade holiday gift for the ladies on my list, I wanted to make something easy, but still very pretty. Scarves came to mind. Who doesn’t need a scarf? So pretty, so practical…one can never have too many.

While perusing one of my favourite sites, Anna Maria Horner, I naturally gravitated toward her online store and I saw this:

photo courtesy of Anna Maria

Perfect! Isn’t it gorgeous? It’s a combination of voile and velveteen from her Innocent Crush fabric collection. I wanted to make scarves, but I really had no inspiration or ideas on how to make it fun or interesting. Several colour variations of this Figure 8 Velveteen Scarf Project Pack has already been ordered and is on it’s way. Some for the ladies, and of course 1 for me.

Christmas is just over 3 weeks away (gasp!) and there are so many things to do. One day…one day… I will be organized enough to manage the season with ease.

As of next week, I am officially a free agent and my weeknights are no longer tied up with appointments and fitness classes. So, the baking, the sewing, the holiday festivities can commence!

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