Monday, October 26, 2009

Project of the Month: Travel Tissue Cozy

I am very pleased to have been able to deliver to you this project of the month! I had faced a few challenges (getting anything done) earlier in October, but here it is, my project as promised. Better late than never, I suppose... This one is very easy!

Cold and flu season is upon us and this could not be a more appropriate item.  This travel tissue cozy is very simple to make, practical and makes a great addition to school backpacks, handbags or business totes.  Or, if you are like me (an allergy sufferer), you will tuck it into your robe or sweater pocket so that it is close at hand.  These are great to have handy for keeping little fingers clean, dabbing a runny nose or containing a sneeze.

Instructions can be found here.  Each tissue cozy requires very little fabric and you can quite easily churn out several in just one hour!  Another great use for those fabric scraps and fat quarters. You can be as simple or creative as you choose.  Try adding a ribbon tie closure to the front, or as a pretty trim along the opening edges.  Perhaps a tiny patchwork version?  These make great stocking stuffers and affordable small gifts.  Why not not tuck one into a matching handmade cosmetics pouch? 

Happy sewing!

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  1. This so neat! and pretty... I just recently found out I have fall allergies ( I blogged about it too). And I work at a medical office so I won't be surprised if I'll have the cold the whole winter.

    I hope someday I will have time to try to make this.

    Thank you for the lovely comment! I'm glad to hear that you're still being active with your runs and bootycamp DVD. I hope your new job is going great as well.

    Have a great week!


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