Wednesday, January 13, 2010

My sewing machine is ill...

Just before the holidays, while I was using my sewing machine (perhaps more than I ever have in the past few years) she started to show signs that she was in need of a tune-up and a little TLC. It was functioning quite well, but I suppose I was not paying as close attention to the mechanisms as I probably should have.

Over the month of December, the bobbin winder went from making slight squeaking noises, then to being sluggish, to a final horrid squealing pitch accompanied by no winding action what-so-ever. Darn!  Time to take it in for servicing. I probably should not have waited this long. I probably should have taken it in at the first sign of trouble. I just kept telling myself "...after this week". 

I will be taking it in next Monday. I hope to get it back within 48 hours (as promised by my local sewing shoppe). After that time, I can carry on with some projects. My fingers have been itching to whip up something.

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