Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Now Read This: One Yard Wonders

One-Yard Wonders, by Rebecca Yaker and Patricia Hoskins, contains 101 sewing projects that can be made with just ONE yard of fabric! This is the perfect book for a young or new sewer, wanting to experiment and build up confidence. No project is so advanced that she would get discouraged (or lost). At the same time, a seasoned sewer would find this to be an excellent resource for when you hit a creative block or just feel like playing around with your fabrics.  Best of all, no fear of wasting large quantities of fabric (you are only using 1 yard, after all).  Just about any project in this book is quick and easy and would make for some affordable last minute gifts.

 Full-sized pattern pieces are included. There are 300+ pages of projects, tips, and resource guides. This book was a steal at a mere $18! I've paid a great deal more for other books that were not nearly as fun and inspirational, and with only 20 or so projects at that.  I was lucky if I ever produced more than 3 projects.  I purchased this book for my very lucky niece (who received a sewing machine for Christmas from yours truly). I thought it would be perfect for her. I quickly fell in love with this book for me that I came incredibly close to buying myself a copy. Lucky for me, my wonderful husband-to-be had it under the Christmas tree for me.  =)

Yes, there are projects of incredible simplicity (really, does one need a pattern for a pot holder or place mat?  Do I need another apron, wall organizer, or laundry bag?), but the fabric choices and wonderful photography are so cheery that they encouraged even this seasoned sewer to whip up a few quick projects (once my machine is fixed). Why not? I already know that I will be pulling this book from my sewing library often. I must have revisited this book twice a week since the holidays. I may just leave it next to my machine for easy access.

There are 11 chapters that cover everything from Craft Organization and Household items to Playtime and Furry Friends. I love that not only can I make a handbag or smock, I can also find instruction on creating a cuddly turtle or baby elephant. Really, they have thought of everything.  The cute factor that is present on most photos helps as well. How could one resist?!

I give One Yard Wonders 4.5 pink buttons out of 5!

photos c/o storey.com

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