Monday, September 6, 2010

cooler temperatures = motivation

I find it hard to believe that August is over and we are just over 2 weeks away from Autumn.  I feel like the past month as flown by in an instant.  While July I feel I have missed entirely.

I find myself sitting here indoors on Labour Day, marveling at just how cool the temperatures are and how quickly things have changed. After having such a hot and humid June/July/August, this sudden damp and chilly weather has caught me off guard.  The one good thing is that I am far more motivated and ready to get sewing (something that I have found difficult to settle into these last 4-5 months or so.)  After all, who wants to sit indoors during the sun-shiny weather when you can spend it walking by the boardwalk, taking in as much daylight as possible, or pushing yourself through an outdoor fitness boot camp ?(yes, willingly making yourself sweaty on a 30 degree celcius day--but so much fun).

My urge to "make something" a few weeks back was more a vague idea or feeling, but not a very strong one. Now, it's an itch that I must scratch.  I have somewhat of an aversion to the cold and dampness. The cooler temperatures have me thinking about quilts and pots of spicy tea--both in large quantities.  Two things that I like very much.


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