Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Love my Lug!

So, I got this mini duffle bag from Lug as a generous stocking stuffer from my older sister.  I love it! Rather, it was love at first sight.  I generally don't care for larger bags of any sort and I am quite tired of the oversized, slouchy bags that every girl seems to be toting about town.

I have been looking for a decent bag for which to carry my belongings. As it stands right now, I have a fair sized tote that I use to carry my wallet, keys, phone, etc...  I also have a lunch bag that I carry to work 99% of the time. Finally, I may carry a pair of shoes to change into once I arrive at work (no teetering down the sidewalks in high heels for me...no sir!). If I am lucky, the shoes are small enough to fit into my purse, but those occurences are rare. Most of the time, I feel a bag lady, with so many different parcels hanging from my body. It is frustrating, awkward and makes it tricky to manouver when the subway train is crowded.  If I can sprint a fair distance without dropping any personal belongings or worrying about anything falling out of my bag, I am happy. I like to be contained.

Enter the Lug Tugboat mini duffel (shown above). I received one in pink, and I love it! It will hold all of my usual gear (previously noted) with room to spare and I don't look weighted down. The size is is just right and it does not overwhelm me. This is an important design feature to someone who has a small frame.

I had heard of Lug before, as I recall coming across some luggage straps that I purchased at a local bookstore... maybe 3 or 4 years ago. To some of you, this is not a rare new find at all and it is old news.  I guess for me it is a re-intorduction to the brand. It seems that since my last encounter, they have blossomed into a neat little offering of totes, duffels and travel accessories.  They seem to be a happy little company, with offices in Toronto and Dallas.

This is essentially what I have been looking for. Clean lines, easy to care for fabric (nylon that wipes clean--snow, rain? Bring it!), plenty of space to stay organized.  On my wish list? The RT Puddle Jumper (above) in rose pink (of course), and another Tugboat mini duffle in grass green or chocolate brown (can't decide on the colour...maybe both?).  I will use one for work, one for Boot Camp/yoga, and one for my GO Train travels.  For those of you that fear saturated or vibrant colours, they do offer more subdued options such as gray, teal, black and navy.  Check out their product offering and company info here.

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