Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Made With Love...soon to be cherished

So, here is it is. Halle's quilt all finished and pretty!  The little madame will be receiving this on the upcoming weekend for her 3rd birthday. I am actually a bit surprised as how quickly it all came together. I would say that it took just shy of 8 hours to complete, working on it bit by bit a few nights a week. Mind you, it could have been completed in about 6 1/2 hours, had I moved a little faster and turned off the television.

The Tina Givens fat quarter bundles that I purchased online from Pink Panda Fabrics were even prettier than I had anticipated. I do have enough fabric left over to whip up a matching pillow sham. (We will see if I can manage to complete that in time).  Instead of traditional binding on the edges, I opted for eyelet trim for that extra sweetness.  This is for a sweet, tiny lady afterall. I really hope that Halle likes it and that it becomes worn in from many nights of story reading and dolly snuggling.

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  1. My comment is a bit late here but I LOVE this quilt. I've been looking at many photos of quilts lately (maybe because it's cold outside) and this one has got to be my favourite -- I LOVE THE TRIM! Reminds me of blankets I had when I was growing up


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