Tuesday, August 24, 2010

a cry for help!

So, after a busy week and even busier weekend of cooking, planning, decorating and throwing a surprise birthday party, this chicky is wiped out!

In spite of how tired I am, I have had this itch to make something. I finally had my sewing machine fixed about 3 months ago and managed to purchase a new one during that time. So being so well equipped, why haven't I actually produced a single item yet? Sorry, I haven't any exciting or acceptable excuses other than the fact that I have simply been too tired, too busy, too something...  To be honest, I have been feeling out of sorts and rather uninspired in the last little while, a rut that I desperately wish to come out of. I need some inspiration.

While venturing to the basement to locate some scissors, I heard a little whisper.  It was my pretty little pile of Sandi Henderson Meadowsweet fabrics, begging to be used.  I've had 4 piles of these fat quarters since early Spring. I had purchased it with the intention of making a sweet quilt or picnic blanket for the summer. I was so excited when I opened up my package, but somehow managed to set it down and not return to it.  I actually have several fat quarter bundles of designer fabrics that I had intended to whip up into something special. There is the Heather Bailey Nicey Jane collection, the Amy Butler Love collection.... fabrics just waiting to be used.  The more I look at them, the more my fingers start to itch.

Let's see what develops.

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