Tuesday, August 17, 2010

So, what did I actually accomplish?

Still taking stock on the events of the past year.  In my last post, I made mention of the to-do list that I was determined to complete by this time last year.  Well, let's see how I did:

1. Make a sock monkey! (just because) --Not yet. Does putting the socks, buttons and thread to be used aside count?
2. Learn to knit. Yes!! I am by no means a pro, but I learned enough of the basics to produce a scarf, at the very least.  Perhaps the only item I can fully strike off this list.
3. Have a tea party (yes, with all the fancy petit fours and little sandwiches. Fancy hats are optional.) -- Sadly, no tea party yet.
4. Sew 4 dresses (one for each season)  - Didn't happen. I did help my niece with hers for school though. 
5. Make several fabric party garlands (which will look lovely at my tea party) -- Only made 1.
6. Make 4 quilts (some to keep, some to give away) -- Only made 2.  One for my little niece (seen here), and completed the other one that I had started last summer (seen here).  So, I get a grade of 50% there. 
7. Open an Etsy shop (finally) -- I registered my shop...but haven't gone beyond that.
8. Post a D.I.Y project every month for the next year.  -- Sorry, didn't make it past late December/early January.  

What a shame! So, what has this taught me? To not be so ambitious?  To stop putting up sticky notes in a hope that they will nudge me into actually doing something? (Only works in the office, sadly not at home).  No, I just think I have to make an effort to stop and do things that make me happy regardless of the peripheral demands that consume my attention. Balance is key! Those tactile pleasures of cutting fabric, applying glue to paper, the hum of a sewing machine... so very cathartic.  

Will I make a new to-do list? It does not seem likely at the moment, but we shall see. Rather than measure myself against what I have and have not accomplished, or clearing that last note off my mirror, I think it best to simply share my thoughts and projects with you all as they happen.


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