Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Amy Butler Sew-it Kit

I made this fabric cover for a tissue box today.  I have actually been meaning to get around to it for over 2 years now. It is quite sad really that it has taken this long. I was itching to make something the other day, but was not fully committed to pulling out any bolts of fabric and pattern drafting paper just yet. The edge of the Sew-it Kit caught my eye and provided me with a good enough morsel to tranquilize my urge long enough.

I had ordered the Amy Butler Sew-it Kit at least 2 years ago when I was trying to refresh my sewing library.  It is a neat little box that houses 15 simple sewing projects for your home. It contains pattern pieces, a reference booklet as well as individual instruction cards for each project. And, as a cherry on top, you have the added bonus of  a small sample of Amy Butler fabric and matching thread to create your very own tissue box cover, the very cover that I have successfully created and photographed here.  Note that it is fully reversible (the other side is solid brown in colour).

I like it and I think it turned out pretty well... Personally, I would have gone about the construction a tad differently, as there were corners that gave me grief. I also would omit the reversible feature all together.  In spite of this, it all worked out in the end. Yes, the tissue boxes available today are very funky and brightly coloured or patterned so you may feel that there is no need for this effort. Some even have unusual shapes...but I like this option far better.  You will definitely have the most unique tissue box on your desk at the office.

It was fast and easy enough to do that I was able to whip up a few more (using my own modifications). I will just swap them out with the seasonal changes, or when I grow tired of  a particular colour or print.

As far as the kit itself goes, I was a bit dissapointed. Most of  the projects overlap from Amy's In Stitches book from 2006 and I was expecting a bit more variety. I do like the portability of the project cards however, as it is nice alternative to having to tote around a large book.  The projects are beautifully photographed and the packaging is rather cute.  I think it would make a very nice gift for a novice sewer or anyone that likes to dabble in home decor as a hobby.  I think this is something that my teen-aged niece would find quite appealing.  The fact that you do receive the materials to create the tissue box cover perhaps saves this kit from being a total loss. All in all, I really cannot find anymore fault with the fabulous Amy Butler, as I do love her fabrics!   

I give this Sew-It Kit 3 pink buttons out of 5.

Now, I feel compelled to cover things with fabric. I spent a good 30 minutes staring at boxes, bins and just about any vessel to see what I could cover next.  Come to think of it, I really do need a proper sewing machine cover. I don't like my options out in the stores.  No, the task of making one is not nearly as fun or easy as sewing up bottomless cubes to cover tissue boxes, but it really should be done for once and for all. Perhaps I will finally settle down and make it.

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