Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Now Read This: Sewing Green

I am building quite the collection of sewing and craft books in my personal library. For the most part, I am thoroughly pleased with my choices.  The odd time however, I am drawn in and tricked by a pretty cover and a few projects with lovely photographs, only to be disappointed by the lack of  originality or skill required in the remaining pages of the book. 

I have taken to the habit of borrowing from the local library if I see that they carry a book of my interest. A 'try before you buy' method, if you will. In some cases, I've been known to borrow the same book several times because of just how great it was, only to just cave in and purchase it out-right. Sewing Green by Betz White will be one of those books.

Released in April of 2009, Sewing Green is a fantastic book chock full of 25 projects that utilize repurposed and organic materials. Betz provides easy instruction for each project, handy resource listings, as well as tips and techniques for living a greener lifestyle. (I loved the powdered laundry detergent recipe provided). You will also find interesting fast facts about repurposing efforts throughout.

The projects are beautifully photographed and clearly outlined. A novice sewer will be excited and capable of any project, while an intermediate sewer will still be challenged and inspired.  The cute cafe aprons made from men's dress shirts as well as the natural produce bags will be the first projects that I take on.  Though the felted foliage scarf appearing on the books front cover may materialize just in time for the Autumn weather.

Sewing Green will be the newest addition to my sewing reference libary in the very near future.  Lovely book!

I give this book 4 1/2 pink buttons out of 5.


  1. Great blog Anica, congrats! Would you share instructions for the pincushion?

  2. Hi there!
    Thanks so much for visiting and commmenting. Instructions for my pin cushions are currently posted in my Burda Style profile under this link:


    I intended to list them on this blog eventually as part of my monthly sewing or craft project series.


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