Thursday, September 10, 2009

Pretty Maids All In A Row...

It is no secret that I have a slight obsession with pin cushions of all shapes and sizes. If it is cute, I will buy it, or even better make one of my own.  It is also no secret that I hate to waste fabric. If I have some scraps laying around that are too small to construct a garment or accessory, I try to think of other ways to use them. 

These matroyshka doll (also known as a Russian nesting doll) pin cushions came about as a result a fabric remnant.  I had received a small sample in a fabric order from Pink Panda Fabrics and I fell in love with the design. These ladies were just too cute to be left in a fabric stash pile.  I started off creating 3 doll cushions last night, and quickly became addicted to creating more little friends. I even scented one for my teen-aged niece so that she may use it in her school locker as an air freshener. I added a coordinating ribbon loop to the tops of each to hang them from.

I am not sure what I am going to do with all of them, as I have churned out quite the collection (a total of 10) in a very short time. I think they will look so cute lined up in a row on a shelf in my sewing room. Of course, one is already cozied up to my sewing machine.  Perhaps I will give a pair to my little niece who is nearly 3 years old, as she loves her dollies.

I just think they are just so charming. I may embellish a few with some buttons or add a tiny flower to their heads.  I hope you like my little creation.


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  1. Love this!!! Totally would not have thought about cutting the dolls out and sewing them individually! Thanks for the inspiration :)

    Lovely photos too - they look adorable sitting in the bowl


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