Monday, August 31, 2009

Cloth, Paper, Scissors!

You may remember this sad, neglected little fabric pile from an earler post a few weeks back. Aside from whipping up a few aprons, I still have not played around with it too much...until recently.
I've been meaning to make a quilt for some time. I typically make garments and accessories, not home decor items. I am a novice quilter, and by no means was I about to tackle a king or queen sized beast just yet. This will be my first quilt ever, so I am just going for simplicity and ease at this point. The log cabin, window pane, pin-wheel and other traditional patterns just don't do it for me. They never did. I can't put my finger on it, but there is just something about those designs that repel me, even if trendier fabrics are used.  Sorry purists!
What I love however, is the Amy Butler quilt patterns. Yes, some of her patterns do employ a touch of the traditional designs, but she mixes it up ever so slightly. I am just in love with her projects (craft or sewing).  I was inspired by her Lotus Brick Path pattern (shown here) and decided to create my own version of it, using my own dimensions and supply of fabric. At the moment, I am cash-strapped so I cannot afford to buy Amy Butler fabrics. Should this project turn out however, I will most definitely make a substantial purchase. There are far more challenging patterns than this, and I plan to tackle the Belle Quilt as well as the Nigella Quilt in future.

 Most of the fabrics that I happen to have are Sandi Henderson, Robert Kaufman and some unidentified remnants that I had laying about. I plan to make this a 5'x5' or 6'x6' square--not overly large but not so small that it becomes a useless throw-rug of an item. I intend to use it as a lap blanket for when I am watching tv, curled up with a book or taking a cat nap.  A matching cushion may materialize as well...
Stay tuned...

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