Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A is for Apron

So, I was a tad distracted this past weekend. That said, my sewing machine was left to wait another day. I had anticipated having a very dull and quiet weekend, that was not the case however.

This past Monday, I finally settled myself down to begin a project, still not knowing exactly what I would produce. I stared at my fabric pile a number of times hoping that it would make a suggestion, but it lay mute. I did notice a fair amount of 1/2 and 1/4 yards laying about. (I am generally not a fan of randomly cutting up my fabric supply unless I have a specific pattern or idea in mind. No one likes waste!) So I asked myself, "what can I make with these left over remnants?" As I held up a piece of fabric to my waist I thought of what a neat little skirt it would make for a child or perhaps an apron... Aprons! That's the answer!

I love aprons, and I've developed a bit of a collection over the past few years. I think I may own well over 20. It all began with a gorgeous apron that I saw at Anthropologie. I had no real use for it at the time, I just had to have it. It was pretty much downhill from there. I've picked up a few at antique markets and purchased some from the odd retailer. I even have plans for some vintage pillow cases that my finance gave me. (What a lovely second life they will have).

You may think, "Aprons! Who wears aprons anymore?" Well, I wear aprons. They make me feel domestic and industrious. It is not to say that I aspire to be a Suzy-homemaker type, that is not the case. But when I must be a domestic gal, I will do it in style. Whenever I bake something, I feel compelled to put one on, as if in some way, the whole get-up will yield better results. I find that I mix batter with a bit of flair. I suddenly want to do something fancy with the tenderloin and veggies... you get my drift. Aprons also make for a great fashion statement and turn an otherwise unflattering laundry day outfit into a chic ensemble.

A snip here, a press there, stitch, stitch, stitch and 90 minutes later, I had produced 4 nifty little numbers. I am quite happy with the results. I didn't want to just attach a waistband to a flat rectangle of fabric. Where is the fun in that? I wanted to get a bit more fancy (which is typical of me). My favourite so far is the lovely green and white apron, as I seem to have developed an obsession with the colour lately (but that is another blog entry). Though I do have a soft spot for each one. I plan to make more and give them away as gifts, perhaps making some matching tea towels and oven mitts. These lovelies above will be posted on my Burda Style page.

Note the presence of ruffles and pleats... Which got me thinking, these look like fancy little skirts...

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