Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Tea for Two- the results

I finally tackled the porcelain painting kit that I had been sitting on for a while. Here are the results--my first scratch at this sort of project. I am not overly fussed with it, but it's a start. I am still figuring out my technique with the paint.

I was inspired by a scrap of fabric that I had laying about after making aprons the other week. I decided to try out the design on the teapot. This is my interpretation of the Sandi Henderson Farmer's Market Petal Party print. The dish was inspired by some Amy Butler rubber stamps that I own. I've always liked the fern pattern and wanted to see how it looked on the edges of a plate. It reminds be of thyme sprigs. I had intended to create a matched set between the 2 pieces, but I was too curious and wanted to see how each design would come out.  Not bad, but I don't feel that it reflects my style as well as it could.

I am thinking that a bold graphic treatment, (perhaps in one colour), would look better. I was considering doing a cherry blossom motif (typical of me), but I am now considering many other things.  We will see what develops. I happen to have a few more vessels to practice on.

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